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Before continuing please read carefully

This site provides a place for one to record their last wishes that will be visible to all. These last wishes can be
in relation to your body, personal belongings, or just a place to write down thoughts.

This is not a legal document, but could be used as such, if any testimony is given. It may also be simply a message
to your family and friends, or posthumous instructions.

You decide whether to add a photograph of yourself, relatives, or friends. You will have access to your account, and will
always have the option to modify or delete any information that you provide.

If you truly desire that your friends and loved ones know your last wishes, give them this Internet address and carry it with
you always.

Your one-time payment of 20 Euros will ensure your information is stored, accessed, and maintained over time, which we
hope will be for many years to come. A trial period is also available if necessary.

Yours sincerely. Carlos Fernandez Basterretxea Contact